Adult Christian Education

Classes are held on Sunday mornings 9:00 am (September through Mid-June).

Our goal for Adult Education at Birchwood is to INFORM and TRANSFORM.  We want you to find a Sunday Class which stimulates you and/or a Group which sustains and encourages you.

The Winter lineup for 2014, beginning in January, is:

a) The Wired Word: Once again, Nathan Knudson will be leading a class called Wired Word. This class weaves current events (today’s global news) into weekly Bible studies … linking the latest headlines to appropriate scripture. Nathan will introduce the discussion and facilitate group dialogue (challenging and stimulating discussion), focusing on biblical references and teachings and how we can apply those teachings in everyday life. Contact Nathan and ask him to e-mail to you the weekly lesson plan/ topics to receive it each week prior to Sunday. Location: Alder Room

b) A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23: Suzanne Rautiola will lead the discussion of this book which provides new understanding of a passage most of us learned as children. Author Phillip Keller was once a shepherd, and unlike the idyllic picture of a shepherd lounging in a beautiful meadow, he knows first hand the hard work, vigilance, understanding, and courage it takes to care for sheep. Through his insights, the class will get a glimpse of the care and love that David (a shepherd before he was a king) wanted to capture when he wrote, “The Lord is my shepherd.” Location: Almond Room

c) Teamwork for the Lord: Tools for Effective Collaboration in the Church and its Ministries: Dan Sanford would like to work on Gospel-led ideas for successfully motivating groups in their work together in ministry and service. This is not just “leadership” as this term defines the person who casts the vision and inspires but also teamwork and management as people strive to get the job done. This class is appropriate for lay people engaged at all levels of service in groups and is timely as it will help us move onto the next stage of our church and help us bring about positive changes. Location: Chapel

For outlines and other material from Mike Pooleon’s previous class “The prophets and Jesus/the historians and Jesus”, Click Here
To see the notes from his just-completed class “The First Five Centuries of Christian History”, click here

Many are interested in Mike Pooleon’s class on the Reformation.  To access his outlines and other references, click here.
Likewise, Mike’s class on the church in colonial America is ended, but you may access his notes here.

For more information on Adult Education please contact Nathan Knudson.

Men’s Ministries



2013 Retreat:
was held Friday, September 13 and 14
at the Firs Chalet at Mt. Baker




Women’s Ministries

Linking Hearts – An Intergenerational Ministry for Women

Linking Hearts is a ministry designed to help link the generations of women in our church.  We have a wonderful group of seasoned women who are mature in their faith and have so much wisdom to impart to the younger generation of women who attend Birchwood.  And, we have younger women who want to share their lives and what God is teaching them as well.  We are developing two lists – one for women under 50 and one for women over 50.  We will pair a woman from each list and give them each other’s phone numbers.  By signing up, they will commit to connect with each other once a week by phone or in person to share prayer requests and pray for each other.  To sign up or if you have questions, please contact Kristie Hubbard.