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-For Zoom Room, we will open the room at 9:30am. Worship will start at 10:15am.
-Check out our pre-recorded Worship Music set before or after the service.
-For YouTube live streams, the video won’t start until we go live, so if it doesn’t work, try again at 10:15 by refreshing the page.
-If it doesn’t work, the recorded version will be posted here by 12 noon.

Welcome to Sunday Worship at Cordata Presbyterian Church! We’re so glad you’re here to worship with us.

You’ll find all the info needed below. We invite you to join our Zoom Room so that we can all chat together and make it interactive, however if that does not work, we will (hopefully) be live streaming the feed. 

For announcements, please visit cordatachurch.org/events.

For giving, feel free to donate online at cordatachurch.org/giving.
Otherwise consider mailing your offering, or having your bank set up bill pay instead of coming to the church in person.

If for some reason the player on this page stops working, visit our youtube page here.

Share prayer requests or concerns, invitations to creative worship during this season,  etc. to admin@cordatachurch.org or call our church office at 360-733-8860.



Zoom Room for Sunday Worship
*Sunday, May 31st*

Topic: CPC Sunday Worship Service 
Time: 10:00 AM PDT

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 881 2655 7799
Password: 200531

Dial by your location
+1 253 215 8782 US (Seattle)



Worship Set.
Listen to this pre-recorded Worship Music set before (or after) our 10:15 Worship Service.
*Will be available Sunday Morning.

Live Stream.
A live stream of our Zoom Room will be playing via Youtube here. Only use this if you are unsuccessful logging into Zoom (using the information on the Left). If you have difficulties, a recorded version of the service will be available at 12 noon.