Missions Committee Vision

As disciples, we seek to empower and equip our congregation to witness and serve people in a world that needs God in both spiritual and physical ways. We strive to strengthen the congregation’s enthusiasm and involvement in missions support throughout every aspect of church life.

Missions Committee Goals

We are believers, guiding our congregation to embrace missions as a joyous privilege to participate in the coming of the kingdom of God. We endeavor to build increased engagement in mission support through prayer, personal involvement, and financial support.

Because we’ve been called to be a witnessing people, we grant priority to those missions and concerns
    •    in which our church can be most involved
    •    in which  we will have the largest conversion effect on seekers in the world and in our community
    •    in which we will have the largest disciple-making effect on our congregation
For more information about missions or to serve on the Missions Committee, please contact the appropriate Elder.

Missions and Outreach Guide

Dear CPC members and friends,

Cordata Presbyterian has a long history of supporting missions and outreach in our local community and in the world — through prayer, participation, and financial support. This is consistent with our vision:

Rooted in God’s Word,

Growing in Christ,

Branching Out to the World

One of the ways we are branching out to the world is through our missions and outreach work. Missions/Outreach is currently involved with 19 varied ministries in the local community and the world. We’re guided by what Jesus tells us in Acts 1:8 “…you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”

This “CPC Missions and Outreach Guide” provides a brief explanation of each local and world mission partnership to which Cordata Pres currently gives regular financial support, prayer, and active involvement.

We hope you’ll be inspired to learn more about them, find one that touches your heart, and join in demonstrating Christ’s love to the world around us “outside the walls” of the church building.

Yours in Christ,

Greg Ellis, Pastor